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Do you want to create an experience and a memory for your attendees? Unlike a traditional, worn-out photo booth, we offer custom designed themes for your event. Every person in the photo will receive a 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 full-sized print AND have immediate access to a digital copy!

We are the fastest greenscreen printing system in the USA. Our systems can handle crowds like no other!

Our systems are perfect for:
  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Charity Events
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • On-Site Headshot Lounges
  • Parties
We work with a simplified booking process: Flat rate hourly fees with 30 day billing. No complicated offers, no riders, no deposits. Simply business!

How it works

Our system is designed for very high volume, and consists of custom-built, proprietary systems.

This is what happens:

When you book us, we discuss your theme or plans for your event. From this information, we mock up 3 to 4 backgrounds and overlay's for your specific needs.
(note that if we are doing team photos or other non-greenscreen events, we still provide a custom overlay).

We arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your event. We will need an area that is in the main room of your event (to maximize usage) that is about 15'x15'.

We will set up a 14' wide backdrop, a table for props, purses, etc., and our custom equipment cart along with 2-4 iPad kiosks for social media.

Patrons will pick one of the backgrounds from a display we provide. Our energetic assistants will recommend props or costumes, and help pose the photo. The photographer will take the photo, and the patrons will come to the social media kiosks. Here, the photographer will deliver one full-sized print (not a tiny film strip!) to each person in the photo. Immediately, they can also email, tweet or post their image to Facebook. How long does this take? An incredibly short 10 to 15 seconds! We are known as the FASTEST photobooth in the nation for a reason!

Aside from the speed and size of our prints, we are unique in how we staff our events. No boring, impersonal attendants hired at random. Our employees all show up in professional uniforms, and are trained to be entertaining and engaging. We want to make your event fun!